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What is difference between Regular Monitor & Gaming Monitor?

Gaming monitors are the best dedicated monitors that are made for gaming. You can definitely do the office work or regular internet surfing on the gaming monitor but you cannot have great gaming experience on a office monitor.
Gaming monitors are made for ultimate responsiveness. They are fast, responsive and moreover, they looks fantastic.

There are alot of difference between gaming monitor and regular office monitors. Lets start with looks. Gaming monitors have great design with frameless displays, RGB lighting, dedicated headphone stand, cable management and ergonomic stand while office monitors doesn't have any of these. You might get a frameless office monitor but other features are missing.

Other than that, there is a huge difference in the performance of gaming monitors and regular office monitors. Most of the regular monitors comes with refresh rate of 60hz while most of the high end comes with 240hz gaming monitor of refresh rate. PS4 Pro supports 60hz of refresh rate and you can definitely use 60hz gaming monitor for PS4 Pro but that doesn't mean you can use office monitor with PS4 Pro because of response time. For those who are planning to update their gaming setup with PS5, check out gaming monitor for PS5 PS5 is now compatible with 120hz refresh rate and you can enjoy gameplay at 4K at 120FPS. You will also find 144hz Curved gaming monitors which is a whole new gaming experience.

Now lets talk about another aspect that differentiate gaming monitor and regular office monitor and that is Response Time.

Response time is a time taken by monitor in processing the image. How fast a monitor turns from white into black is a response time. Most of office monitor comes with response time of 8millisecond or even 10ms which is okay for office work but gaming monitor comes with response time of 1ms or even 0.5ms which is ultra fast because we need quick response while gaming otherwise your enemy will take advantage over you and which leads to defeat.

These are some of the aspects that really differentiate the gaming monitor from regular monitors. If you want something for both gaming as well as for casual work or office work, you better get a gaming monitor as it will be able to do both the tasks efficiently. You can work on gaming monitor but you cannot play on office monitor.

The resolution of a gaming monitors also varies. While most of the office monitors comes with 1080p Full HD resolution, a gaming monitor comes in QHD or 2K and 4K resolution. A lot of gamers, especially PC gamers, prefers QHD or 2K 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution. The 1440p is a the best resolution for PC gaming. Most of the best 1440p gaming monitor comes with 144hz of refresh rate. A decent GPU can easily give you 120FPS or even higher FPS gaming on 1440p resolution. If you are a console gamer, 1440p is no harm to you. The latest Xbox Series X comes with 4K gaming but it does not support 120FPS on 4K. The next alternative we have is the 2K gaming which is anyday better than Full HD resolution. Xbox Series X now supports 1440p gaming at 120FPS and gamers around the world are pretty happy with that. If you are planning to buy Xbox Series X, check out the best gaming monitors for Xbox Series X

Other than that, we don't have any info about PS5 being supporting 1440p resolution. We strongly wish that PS5 start supporting 1440p gaming at 120FPS. Else 4K at 120FPS is always preferred but HDMI 2.0 doesn't allow us to do that.

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